Whole house fans also can cool your home, and your attic. A whole house fan is generally installed inside the attic of a home, in-between the ceiling space and the living space. This causes cooler outdoor air to flow throughout the home, which will cool you down and the area you are in. The fan will also pull air into the attic, which cools the attic space as well. This works great and costs a lot less then air conditioning!

A whole house fan works as an exhaust system in your home. Whole house fans are not attic fans. The two accomplish different concepts in the end. Whole house fans are less expensive than air conditioners and work well.

A whole house fan can lower the temperature in a home or building very quickly and efficiently. It’s much more affordable on the energy bill, than air conditioning will be. Newer models are constantly more and more energy efficient, as well as environmentally friendly. As well as this, a newer model will be quieter as well, so you don’t hear it running very much.

Keep the windows open in your home for the whole house fan to work in the most effective manner. When the air outside is cool, like in the morning or evening, is the best time to have the windows open.

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