Woolen Mill ceiling fans, also known as architectural fans, are belt drive ceiling fans and fan systems designed to be very accurate reproductions of fans predating electricity. There fans have two blades (or four with one pair offset) and elegant cast scrollwork. There is no motor visible, either the motor is mounted above the fan, or in an adjoining area. This is reminiscent of early belt drive fans that were water powered, and belt-driven from the same system that powered assembly lines and other machinery.

Woolen Mill offers column mount fans, single fan units, and elaborate belt drive systems. There are many different designs of fan bases, idlers, mounts, and motor mounts. The blades are handcrafted solid mahogany, the metalwork is cast and machined by Amish craftsmen using turn-of-the-century techniques. The fans can be finished in iron, aluminum, or bronze. Each fan or fan system is custom made to order so it can be specifically designed to your setting.

Woolen Mill ceiling fans move air but do so more gently and gracefully than conventional ceiling fans. The large blades are pitched at 45 degrees and turn at a speed of 40-60 revolutions per minute. Motors are available from Bodine Electric and Oriental Motor. These motors are single speed and variable speed, AC and DC. These are gear reduction motors and are typically silent when mounted correctly. Woolen Mill offers detailed planning and installation instructions on their website.

Woolen Mill ceiling fans are arguably the most accurate antique reproductions available. They have been featured in movies, magazines, and historical landmarks, as well as numerous restaurants and inns. Woolen Mill Architectural fans set a nostalgic atmosphere unmatched by anything else available.

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