Casablanca Ceiling Fan Parts

Casablanca Ceiling Fans use rubber flywheels. Replacement flywheels are available for many models. The first step to obtain a new replacement flywheel is to identify the make and model of the ceiling fan. If you are not sure of the make and model of the ceiling fan, then you will need to measure the flywheel. The dimensions that you need for the measurements are that outer diameter, shaft size(the inner diameter), and the spacing which is in between the blade bracket holes.

How to Identify a Broken Ceiling Fan Flywheel

A broken flywheel can be identified by blades that he or to be dropped, or resting on the switch housing or light kit. If the blades appear to be drooping significantly on one side or more, or if you pick up one blade and all of the other blades move along with that blade.

Replacing the rubber flywheel yourself is not an easy task. We do have a guide which will explain how to do this. However, even by following the steps you may still need additional help. We recommend that if you do get stuck, please give us a phone call to see if we can help. You are also welcome to submit a question, or a forum post for review. We will do our best to respond to your question.

Some replacement flywheels have been posted, so that you may purchase them here.

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Casablanca IntelliTouch Remote Control Systems

Casablanca’s control system was the first one unveiled to the world, which utilized computerized technology. IntelliTouch allows fan speed control, full range dimming of lights, and operation which is completely silent. IntelliTouch can be programmed with efficient operations, this sets Casablanca apart from its competitors in many respects. There are many Casablanca fans series available on the market today which utilize this technology. The controls can be used for variable Speed selection, in terms of both forward and backward motion.
IntelliTouch is outfitted with different advanced technologies. One of these technologies is called fan Minder. Fan Minder is supposed to adjusts the speed of the fan, depending upon a number of different variables. Another one of these technologies is called safe exit, this adds a delay to shutting off lights. Instead of the lights shutting off immediately after pressing the button, the lights will stay on for 30 seconds. This is a nice feature in order to avoid stumbling around in the dark-which happens often with many different lights. This is a neat feature that shows Casablanca has the home owner in mind with each of their fan designs.


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