Gasoline heaters use consumable fuel, same as a propane heater or any liquid fuel heater would. These heaters are useful in situations where you do not have an electric current to draw off of. Without an electric current, one of your only options is going to be a gas or propane heater, or other liquid fueled heater. The cost of running a propane or gasoline heater is going to be different then running an electric heater. Ultimately, it depends upon how much you’re running the heater and what level the heater is running on. If being utilized on a higher setting like medium or high, then the heater will run through the fuel source faster.

Here are some bullet points of what to keep in mind, in terms of calculating how fast you will consume your fuel source:

  • If running your heater on medium or high, the gasoline or propane will be consumed faster then on a low setting.
  • If running the heater 24/7, the propane or gasoline cylinder will only last a few days before requiring replacement.
  • Check your gasoline or propane cylinder to determine how much the cylinder stores. If you compare this against the heater’s usage rating, you can determine how long the heater will output heater before it runs out of fuel.



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