How to Wire a Casablanca Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Hi, I have a Casablanca ceiling fan. It does not have a light fixture. I want to add a universal light fixture to it. I have connected a blue wire running from the fan, to the black wire of the light fixture. Also I have connected white to white but it’s not working so far. How can I fix this wiring problem? I don’t have a blue or white wire 110v coming from the fan.

In order, black wire from the fan should be connected to a hot lead from the house wiring. This hot lead is usually black or red. You don’t need to check this if your Casablanca ceiling fan has power. There should be a red, blue or striped wire from the light. This should go to the same hot lead, in order to give the light kit power. If you’re not hooking up the light kit then this wire would be capped off.

We have an entire guide on wiring your ceiling fan (browse on left menu). Hopefully some of the knowledge in this guide also carries over to wiring your light kit up as well. You can always refer to the instructions that came with your fan or light kit. We are also looking to establish many manuals and user guides for the fans as possible. If you have found a helpful link or would like to share a manual, let us know by using the contact page. We’ll do our best to get what you’re looking for added to our website.


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