Casablanca Ceiling Fan Flywheel

This is the flywheel used on Casablanca Ceiling Fans that have the K55 or XLP motors. IT IS NOT FOR THE 1st HOME FANS.

Ceiling fans have many functions that you will find on the website, ranging from simply moving air inside the home, to cooling industrial areas or even your garage. If you have found this information about Ceiling Fan Flywheel Replacements helpful, please do post a review to let others know. How did your experience go with this particular fan? Let site visitors know what to look out for, if necessary.

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Flywheel
Casablanca Ceiling Fan Flywheel

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Flywheel Specifications

Part 0007190
Style Flywheel
Finish Black Rubber
Material Rubber, Cast Aluminum
Power Source
Bulb Type
Usage Replacement flywheel

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