Aloha Breeze Ceiling Fan – Missing fasteners and screws to put the fan together upon purchase

I purchased an Aloha Breeze ceiling fan, and it is missing blade screws, washers, or any fasteners to put it together. What should I do?

Generally, the easiest thing to do in this case is just return the fan to the store. You can exchange it for the same one which should come with all the fasteners you need. It is odd that the fan did not come with this, however. Make sure you check really well inside the box. Look for a bag of fasteners that may have come out of the box and dropped somewhere when you opened the box.
If still you cannot find the fasteners, do not try to source them elsewhere. It will be a frustrating experience for you. Just return the Aloha Breeze Ceiling Fan to the store and exchange it for one that comes with the components to put it together.
We have heard from a number of users that getting support from Aloha Breeze can be difficult at times. Try reaching out to Litex as they manufacture these fans.