Emerson Receiver for Emerson K55XL Motor Ceiling Fans

This Emerson receiver works with Emerson K55XL ceiling fans. What is a receiver, you may ask? Basically it’s a module inside of your fan, that allows the fan to communicate with the remote. If your remote has stopped working, you’ve tried different batteries, you’ve tried different remotes, and checked dip switches and all other forms of programming – it may be time to replace the receiver inside of the fan. Many kits that come with receivers, also come with the remote to make life easier (to eliminate the variable of incompatibility).

The receiver has a reverse module, and a full range dimmer. The full range dimmer is capable of 500 watts max total. This receiver is designed for remote controls that are of the SR600, SW605 and SR650 models. The motor on the fan you’re using it with should be a Emerson K55XL ceiling fan motor.

Receivers are warranted against all defects in workmanship and materials. You must be the original purchaser or user of the product to be covered. All components are covered by this warranty for one year from the date you purchased your light fixture.

Emerson 56 Model HF956W in Gloss White Fan

Gloss White Motor with Appliance White 56 Inch Blades. Indoor fan with This fan does not come with any controls.

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Emerson White Industrial Large Room Ceiling Fan

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