Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Turns on by itself

My Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan turns on by itself. What should I do to fix this problem?

Whether you have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan or other, having the fan turn on by itself can cause a problem. There are a few reasons why this might occur. Below we analyze each part of the ceiling fan that could be causing this problem, and the steps you can take to attempt to rectify it.

1. Check your ceiling fan remote

Is your ceiling fan remote with you at all times? Did you lose your remote? Are you 100% certain that your remote is not the thing turning on your fan? Perhaps someone in the home is playing a prank on you. Ensure your remote is not turning the fan on without your knowing about it.

Try troubleshooting your ceiling fan remote as well. You can read more about this on our article on troubleshooting your ceiling fan remote.

2. Ceiling fan receiver issues

The receiver on your fan could be the issue. What can happen is, your fan’s receiver can be set to the same frequency as other devices in your home. When this happens, turning on another appliance in the home can also turn on the fan too. Or, your neighbours might have a fan or another appliance where the frequency is the same, or it could also be a dip switch issue. Read this article for more information on troubleshooting ceiling fan receiver problems.