Hampton Bay Technical Support

I need to call Hampton Bay customer service or support, or Hampton Bay technical support. I need help. Where are the numbers?

Below we have listed all the phone numbers we have been able to find for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Technical Support & Customer Service. Please let us know if any of the phone numbers are not longer working, or if we are able to assist you in any way. We will do our best to help. Often times you may be looking in the Home Depot or Lowe’s for assistance with Hampton Bay fans as well. You’re not wrong to do so, as these fans are predominantly marketed and sold by these two retailers. Most of the time, they tend to have the parts needed when looking for replacement parts.

(877) 527-0313
(800) 236-3306
(800) 330-3267
(800) 749-3267
(800) 221-7977
(800) 896-4908
(800) 307-3267
(800) 431-3003
(800) 448-6857
(800) 841-1350
(877) 527-0313
(877) 898-1881
(888) 809-8989
(800) 283-6513


Hampton Bay Technical Support Phone Numbers

Litex customer support/technical support & customer service phone numbers

(800) 527-1292
(800) 444-6742

Still need help?

If you still need help and are unable to obtain support for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan, we can help. Fill out the comment form on this page, and let us know what help you need. We’ll do our best to assist you with your support inquiry. If your inquiry is not related to Hampton Bay fans, that’s OK too. Instead of filling the comment form on this page, you’ll want to navigate to the page that’s relevant to your issue. For example, if you have a Harbor Breeze fan, you’ll want to navigate to that page instead. Once you’re there, leave a comment on that page instead. We’ll do our best to find the answer to your question and post it. Once posted, you’ll receive an email notification that we’ve answered your question.