Harbor Breeze Customer Service

Where can I find the phone number for Harbor Breeze customer support? What is their 1 800 Number?

Harbor Breeze does not have a customer service support line, as far as we know. If you do find a phone number for the manufacturer itself, then please let us know. For the most part, what has happened is that any service calls related to Harbor Breeze are now fielded by Lowe’s. This is because Lowe’s sells the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan line now, and they are unique to the Lowe’s store. If you don’t have success from calling customer service, you can send your question to us by using the contact page. We’ll do our best to find the answer to your question and get it posted to the website in the form of an FAQ – just like this page.

To call Lowe’s customer service, here is the phone number: 1.800.445.6937. You can try to give them a call and ask for help related to a specific Harbor Breeze fan, or part. You can also try calling your local Lowe’s store and see if they are able to assist.

What if Lowe’s Customer Service isn’t helpful – what should I do then?

You can try talking to your local Lowe’s store to see if they are able to help with the issue. Sometimes they may be able to look up a part you need, or get the manager involved in order to get something done. Customer service at your local Lowe’s is likely the best place to start. You can also try your local Home Depot as well as Home Depot and Lowe’s are quite competitive and should try to outdo the other whenever possible.

We have also found online websites posting another number which is fake – 1-800-555-1212. We have tested this number from Canada and it goes to a directory assistance, not Lowe’s customer service. Please disregard this number if you are searching online as this is not the correct number.