Harbor Breeze LKD52WW6C Ceiling Fan Stopped Working – Where can I find a Wiring Schematic?

Where can I find a Wiring Schematic for Harbor Breeze model LKD52WW6C ceiling fan?

We have searched online for you for a wiring schematic for this model but have been unable to find one. As such, we have the following advice and help for you. We have tried searching online but it is usually the case that we are unable to find wiring schematics. They can be very difficult to find. The only situation in which we generally are able to find the schematics, is if the manufacturer has posted them to their website.

We highly recommend this ceiling fan wiring guide for ceiling fan troubleshooting and technical help with wiring.

All American fans have the same wire colors:

  • White wire is neutral
  • Black wire is hot
  • Blue wire is hot for light on fan
  • Green is ground

If there is only one hot wire in the ceiling fan wiring box, and the fan has a light, then take the blue and black wires from the fan and twist them together.