How do I replace a ceiling fan pullchain?

How do I replace a ceiling fan pullchain?

1> Find the circuit breaker panel in your home. Disable the power to the ceiling fan.

2> Gain access to the inside of the fan by removing the housing. In some cases you may have to remove the globe.

3> This may require taking off the three or four screws around the outside of the base/canopy.

4> This will get you access to the back of the switch where the pullchain attaches.

5> Next you will need a replacement switch from the hardware store. You may be able to purchase it from this page for Westinghouse ceiling fan parts as well.

6> Attach the replacement switch to the existing wires

7> Feed the new pullchain through the existing hole

8> Remount any screws which hold the pullchain in place

9> Put the canopy, base and chassis back together

10> Once you’re all done, you have to back to the circuit breaker and turn it on in order to get power. Now test

11> If the new pullchain you wired up is working, great! If not, then you didn’t wire it properly. See our wiring guide for help with wiring colors.