How to fix squeaking Ceiling Fan

How do I fix a squeaking ceiling fan? What should I do to troubleshoot this problem?


Note: The below steps are for checking a squeaking noise on your ceiling fan. You should be aware that there are no bent blades or other noticable problems on your fan. If your fan has noticeable blade problems, you will have to replace a blade. Do not try to bend blades back into place or etc. as this can lead to bodily harm.

If your fan is making squeaking noises and you don’t know why, read on. Here are instructions to try. This should solve most, if not all ceiling fan squeaking noises.

1> Turn the fan off, let the blades come to a stop. Make sure they are completely stopped

2> Check each blade. Grasp it, wiggle a little (not hard) see if any of the screws or fasteners are loose. If so, fasten them with a Phillips screw driver.

3> Look on the top of the blade surface of each blade. The weight of the dust can cause an imbalance – yes, it can! Even though the dust is light.

4> Check the globe, if your ceiling fan has a globe. Your light kit (if your fan has one) may have a fastener that looks like a rubber band.

5> Tighten any screws that hold the globe in place as well. Be careful though not to break the glass. It can break from applying pressure.

6> Check the fan. Did any of the steps help to resolve the problem? Test the operation of the fan and see how it’s working.

7> If the problem still persists, you should try balancing the blades on the fan. Use a balancing kit, and see if that helps with the problem. Balancing your fan
by following instructions, and using a balancing kit should solve 80% of remaining problems at this point.

8> If there is a blade that is badly bent, like noticeably, you are better off to replace that blade or blades.