Replacing a cracked glass globe

Replacing a globe that now has cracked glass, is actually a very common issue with many ceiling fan owners and enthusiasts. When it comes to replacing a glass globe for a Hampton Bay ceiling fan, in particular, the job can sometimes become more challenging. Many Hampton Bay ceiling fan owners report that they do into a local Home Depot store, and not able to find the required replacement glass globe that they need.
Home Depot is the only carrier of Hampton Bay fans. They pretty much own the brand, more or less, so they are the people at the end of the day that you have to get help from. Why is this? Because Home Depot has solidified themselves as the only ones to carry these parts, we simply aren’t able to source them. Home Depot does not share any of the part availability with any other retailer whatsoever.

Obtaining support from Home Depot

If you need to call Home Depot to get help finding a replacement glass globe, you can call 1-877-527-0313. We have not verified if this phone number works all over the phone, but being a 1-877 # it should. Home Depot operates the help line from 8 AM – 6 PM EST, closed Saturday and Sunday.
In scouring the Internet, website visitors and other ceiling fan enthusiasts report that this is usually the most streamline way to find the part you need. Home Depot maintains a directory of all of their parts within a computer system, so usually they can find the part you need quickly from part number, model number or other.

Cost of Replacement Glass Globes

Many site visitors have complained, that the store sales person at Lowe’s “tried to sell me a new fan!” Well, guess what. After you’re done paying for the replacement glass globe, with the shipping (and possibly customs), you’ll end up paying half the value of the fan (or more). If you paid $100 or less for your fan, we’d highly recommend you simply buy a new one. Glass globe replacements range anywhere from $50-$150, plus the shipping. So many times, you may end up paying half the value of the fan or more for a replacement glass globe.