My ceiling fan is stuck in reverse, what should I do?

My ceiling fan is stuck in the reverse mode. It won’t change direction from the remote. What should I do?

Look above the ceiling fan – above the blades. Mounted on the side is a black switch. This switch controls the reverse and forward functions. Flip the switch and see if the fan will resume operation in the forward rotation. If there is no switch there, then it is either a problem with the remote or the receiver.

Remote troubleshooting

Did you check that the remote had batteries? Are the batteries really old? Try replacing the batteries at least twice. Try reprogramming the remote with the fan. Are you able to access the dip switches on the fan? There is one set of dip switches either on the bottom or inside of the fan housing. There is another set of dip switches on the remote. The dip switches need to match each other in order for the fan to function on the same frequency as the remote.

Please see our page on
ceiling fan remote control troubleshooting
for more help with troubleshooting the remote. This page also will have replacement remotes you can purchase if that helps to resolve the issue.