Pull Chain Light Fixture Not Working – How Do I Fix It?

I have a newer Hampton Bay ceiling fan, which has an attached light fixture. The pull chain is working ok for the fan. But the pull chain I have for the light is not working. What should I do?

You’ll need to remove the light kit from the fan, and take out the light switch inside. First, shut off the power running to the fan. You can do this from the circuit panel in your home.

Once the power is shut off, look at the base of the fan where the light kit is attached. You’ll have to remove the light switch. However, make sure you take note first of what’s attached where. It’s a good idea to make a diagram of what’s connected where, because you’ll need to connect a new switch in place of the old one.

You can take the detached piece to your local hardware store, lighting store or other. Home Depot, Lowe’s, Home Hardware and other stores like that should work just fine. The switch does not have to belong to a Hampton Bay ceiling fan – generally, you can get a universal switch or etc. If you take the existing switch and housing to a local store, some of the staff there may recognize a replacement if they’ve been there long enough (or have a fairly good trade education).

Hook up the same switch to match the existing switch

If you have a two wire switch, you’ll need another of the same. If you have a three wire switch, you’ll need another of those. You get the idea. As noted previously, ensure that you took a sketch, drawing, diagram or picture of your existing switch housing. This is of the utmost importance, so you know how to hook it back up again.